Save the Marriage Lee Baucom Review

Providing unconventional approach, Dr. Lee Baucom is one of the most respected people when it comes to marriage counseling. With more than two decades focusing his services on troubled relationships, Dr. Baucom has managed to save thousands of marriage using his nontraditional technique.

In his approach, Dr. Baucom details what couples have to do in order to make their marriage work. Not only that, he also talks about what things should be avoided if they don’t want to worsen the current state of their relationship.

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In his website, the doctor provides several video clips providing a peek of what his program can offer for couples. According to him, his innovative approach provided in the website managed to help out thousands of troubled marriages to recover.

Dr. Baucom states how inefficient some marriage counselors are nowadays, with most of their material untested for use. As a result, most of these unqualified counselors do not really do anything for the marriage in comparison to Dr. Baucom’s step-by-step presentation of information regarding marriage counseling.

Dr. Lee H. Baucom, PhD., has a success rate of 90% when it comes to marriage counseling. This is better than the average 20% projected by others in the industry. He is also part of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and believes that his unique approach is the root of his success in counseling.

The Doctor first developed his technique after trying out the conventional methods and realized that it didn’t work well for his clients.

The fact is that marriage therapy is an add-on instead of a specialization. This is because most psychologists are not really trained to service couples and provide marriage counseling for them. What happens is that psychologists utilize the most basic approach for marriage problems and pass it off as one of their services which is why it doesn’t really work.

According to Dr. Baucom, there are Four Myths of a Successful marriage that are being utilized today despite its inaccuracy which include:

* The importance of communication in the marriage.

* Dr. Baucom claims that there are eight paths for a thriving marriage as opposed to the “one path” claim by most counselors.

* Saving the marriage necessitates both couples working together.

* With enough time, all wounds will heal

What usually happens in a marriage is surprising with one spouse suddenly asking for divorce while the other one doesn’t even know there’s a problem. This is because the marriage has been neglected for years and according to Dr. Baucom, this is the primary reason why most marriages fail.

Sadly, people do not really spend time concentrating on how to better their relationship. Although most people would say that marriage is one of the most important things in their life, very few actually take the steps to save it. Hence, neglect starts to grow causing the marriage to deteriorate.

If this was a career, then the answer would be pretty simple: apply for a new job. More often than not, couples would rather quit than go the extra mile to make a difference in their relationship. For this reason, the sanctity of marriage has been reduced in value in today’s society.

According to Dr. Baucome, there are several stages in which a relationship is currently in. Couples who want to save their marriage should be able to pinpoint what stage they are currently in. Once couples know what level they are in the scale, only then would appropriate measures be provided to save the marriage from further breakdown.

Although the results may not be one hundred percent effective, Dr. Baucom’s excellent history when it comes to marriage counseling is proof. There are even testimonials provided that testifies to the doctor’s claims.

All in all, Dr. Baucom wraps it up very nicely. He mentions that Save the Marriage is not all about what one should do within the marriage. Instead, it’s about creating a relaxed, happy and content relationship that will guide couples into a fulfilling life together.

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