How to Win Your Girlfriend Back With 3rd Party Intervention

How to win your girlfriend back? No matter what you do, you just can’t stop thinking about her. You constantly asking yourself ‘how to win my ex back‘. You really miss her very much. So how do you go about getting her back? There must be something you can do, isn’t it?

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The problem faced by many men is how to win back the girl of their life and there is no straightforward solution.

The things you should do is determined by a number of factors. One of them is why the break up occurs in the first place. Is it because you cheated on her, or didn’t share common interests, or were you simply too unromantic?

All these may seem like huge obstacles but that doesn’t mean you can’t surmount them. Remember, both of you were in love in the first place. If you can find a way to go back to that special moment and rekindle her interest, THERE IS STILL HOPE! You can still learn how to win your woman back.

First, you must know what to avoid. Don’t beg or plead with her to come back. This is a definite turn off! By doing so, she will see you as someone who needs pity and you are putting yourself in a negative negotiating position. She will lose respect of you and you will also lose self respect for yourself.

Another factor to consider is your girlfriend’s personality.

If your girlfriend does not like people to beat about the bush and prefer people to be frank, you may want to ask her out for a meeting. This can be a dinner at a favorite restaurant both of you used to frequent.

Try to avoid noisy places. You should choose a place that is reasonably quite and preferably, can bring back some pleasant memories for both of you.

If you are the one who have done something wrong, you can immediately apologize. After that, just tell her what you want and talk about the positive aspects of your relationship.

Let her know that since both of you have shared so many happy memories together, it is really a shame to just let the relationship end. Suggest working together on any negative issues so that both of you can make the relationship as best as it can be.

Third Party Intervention

Sometimes, other people can play a part in helping you win your girlfriend back.

A mutual friend can say something like, “Both of you used to be such a loving couple. It is really a pity to let this relationship end just like that. I know (your name) still misses you very much because he keeps on talking about you and wondering how you are doing.”

It may be better if that mutual friend is a lady. This is because women are usually more sensitive and they are better able to detect any signs of interest in your girlfriend.

If your friend tells you that she seems to be displaying any signs of interest, it may be time to make your move before your girlfriend forgets about you altogether.

What Is Your Next Step?

Alright! So you have made the connection. Do you know your next step? Do you have a plan?

Just like any presentation, you need to be prepared, unless you are a world class presenter. The truth is, even world class presenter prepare thoroughly before giving their speech. Getting your ex back in no different.

Here is a tried a tested public speaking formula you can use. First, you need to have an attention grabbing opening statement. Let her know what is your agenda. Then proceed to the body of your speech. Finally, close with a restatement of why you are here.

And don’t forget to learn from world class salesmen. Remember to ask for the sale! If you can sense that your ex girlfriend still has interest in getting back together, then ask for it. If she rejects you or she seems hesitant, then the next step will naturally be to ask her why.

Your will then plan your next step according to her response. Unless you have done something that is totally unpardonable, there should still be a possibility to salvage the relationship.